Upgrade for commercial usage dialog is shown when using the extension. I'm locked out and want to know why and what I could do.

Our application is free for personal use, but if you are using SessionBox for commercial purposes, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Our application detect commercial usage based on some heuristics and account lockdown can happen automatically when these heuristics reach some predefined thresholds. The features that influence our algorithm include the following:

  • Usage on websites that are known to be used for commercial reasons
    These include some websites used for revenue generation supported by multiple session use-cases, ticket swapping or purchasing, lead generation, e-commerce, marketing tools or support solutions.

  • Numerous accounts on the same website
    While having 2-3 accounts can be normal for a website, if you manage 10s of accounts, that is an indication that you are doing business on that website. This can mean managing your partners' accounts, or using generated accounts for revenue generation.

  • Extensive usage of sharing
    If an account receives many shares from other sessions, that's an indication of an account managing client accounts. This is regarded as a business use-case

  • Sharing an account
    Using the same license from multiple devices at the same time is forbidden.

  • Using many SessionBox instances from the same location
    Starting multiple instances from the same place typically means automated use-cases, which are regarded as a commercial activity.