Please note that our encryption methods rely on your master password (which is not available outside your devices), so forgetting it might lead to the loss of all your data. You can read more about our security model on our Security page.

Password recovery or factory reset is only available at the SessionBox browser extension.

  1. Open SessionBox menu
  2. Under the login form click on the Forgot your password? link
  3. Enter your email address and click Next
  4. The system will show you the available recovery options
    Reset your password - This will reset your password. Due security reasons this option is not always available.

    Send password hint - This will email you your password hint if you specified it during the registration.

    Factory reset your account - This will reset your password with removing your stored login information. You have to re-authenticate your sessions after the factory reset.
  5. Select the recovery method and click Next
  6. You will get the recovery instructions by email

Please note if you choose Factory reset you will receive an email with a recovery link. This will work only in the same browser where your SessionBox extension is installed. So you can't open it on your mobile phone or in another browser.