Once the .exe file is downloaded, you need to run it in order to install the browser on your PC. You can click on the downloaded item to run the installation:

Once the installation is over, you can see a shortcut icon on your desktop.

You have to double click to start the browser. 

On the main screen of Workstation you can either login with your existing account or create a new account. From this screen you can reach SessionBox’s Terms of use and privacy policy. By using the  

icon, Workstation should close. 

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are clickable links, you must accept them every time if you login. 

If you do not wish to login every time when you just login to Workstation, you can enable the Remember me checkbox which will log you in every time until you do not sign out completely from Workstation. If you sign out from the browser, the remembering function will not be valid anymore, you have to login and tick the box again to apply.