Share your sessions

Did you ever wish to pass over one of your accounts to a friend of yours? Or is your company using shared accounts for your daily activities? Well, there are some solutions, but all of those include sending over your password to the other party - sometimes client side code tries to hide this fact, but any savvy user can easily get around that.

With our 1.0.35 release we have added a new feature, called Session sharing. With this brand new possibility we provide a new way of sharing your accounts, without sharing the password itself. Moreover, you can limit the timespan of the sharing itself, so if you just want to show something to your friends, you can give them access for an hour, then they won't be able to access your account again.

You can share sessions with anyone who has active SessionBox account and SessionBox is installed into their Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser.

How to start sharing?

1. Open up the context menu for the session you wish to share. You can see a new item here, called "Share..."

2. Select the domains you want to share.

Browsing around on the internet injects many cookies into your browser, even from sources you don't expect. As a rule of thumb, always filter out cookies that do not belong to the site you wish to share. This is important, because if you share a session to which you logged in with Google, you SHOULD filter out the domain, until you wish to share your Gmail as well.

3. And lastly, you can enter the receiver's email address, and set a time limit for the share.

When setting a time limit, please note that sessions can expire, in which case, the receiver won't be able to use it, as they will be logged out, just as you would be. We are working on improving this experience. If the receiver is not yet a SessionBox user, we send them an invitation. After their registration, you will need to restart the sharing process. This is for your safety, our safe, Zero knowledge security technology requires us to have public keys from the receiver, without which we have no way of safely solving sharing, so we are not allowing it.

Congratulations, you shared your first session!

Accepting a share

1. When someone shares a session with you you will receive an notification inside the extension: 

2. Click on the Notification sign to view all updates: 

3. Here click on the 3-dot menu icon, where you can either Accept or Reject the share. After accepting the share, the session will appear among the other sessions you have. To help finding it, the default group for the session - which you can override - will be called "Shared":