If you decided to purchase GeoSurf proxies, please follow these steps to set the up in SessionBox.

  1. Open your GeoSurf account page at https://client.geosurf.io/dashboard

2. Go to the GeoSurf Gateways page (https://client.geosurf.io/gateways)

3. On this page you can decide what kind of proxy you wish to use. You have a great set of options here, starting from a simple "Random Country + High Rotation" to complex, country-based, "Per Session" setups, or even time based IP rotation. Please refer to https://www.geosurf.com/resources/residential-ips-integration-guide/?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=postaffiliatepro&a_aid=5cd1882f79cfe for a complete guide on the settings.

4. If you select a simple rotation mechanism - as shown above -, you will need to use you Account ID (the number shown on the Account Settings / Account Information page), and your password as credentials. Here is an example curl command on how to test a high rotation proxy:

curl -x gw-r1.geosurf.io:8080 geo.geosurf.io -U <AccountId>:<password>

If you selected any other kind of IP Rotation, GeoSurf will show you the username for that setup, while the password will be your own password, as previously.

5. The data you need from the previous page are these:

  • Gateway url
  • Gateway port
  • Username (either your GeoSurf username, or the one provided by GeoSurf, if not High Rotation is selected)
  • Password (your GeoSurf password)

6. Migrate these data into SessionBox, as shown on our Proxy setup help page. Make sure, to scroll down here and fill out the credentials as well. Please also note that you can add multiple proxies at the same time, as shown at the end of the video.